Background images from the 00s

By Joel K. Pettersson. Added 2022-10-16. Updated 2022-10-16.

These images can also be found on Ilogicopedia, where I uploaded them in 2019.

In the mid 00s, I started experimenting with drawing things in GIMP and then seeing what the result of applying various filters and transformations was. With a bit of practice, I came up with an image I felt like using as my own desktop background image; on a few later oocasions, I decided to make another. (I also made some other images in similar ways, around then and later, but they're not as good.)

These images were all made by 2007, but I'm not sure when I made the first two. I think the second is from 2006, however. I also uploaded them on a now-gone personal website I had in those years, in my late teens, and a short time afterwards.

Creative Commons License

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Background 1
Image 1

Made with vague sci-fi inspiration in mind, this first image conveys the idea of two universes, or worlds, related in some way. Are they colliding, or are they moving apart, or...? There's also a rough "digital touch" to it all.

After later reading about hypothetical ideas in physics such as a matter universe and an antimatter universe moving in opposite directions in time, the image seems to hold up as the most interesting of those I made.

Background 2
Image 2

I made the second image without much of an idea of what exactly I was making, and it turned out a new nice-enough desktop background image, which is basically what I went for. But of the four images, this one looks the roughest at full size.

Background 3
Image 3

Forms of inner intensity, anger and more, had been on my mind.

Background 4
Image 4

I made this last one for a mini-project in the last year of secondary school. We were simply each meant to make an art drawing or other image which was one's own, and as that it passed. I used a little more layers combined with different filtering for this, but I remember dropping one layer I'd already drawn (intended to make part of the center), instead of integrating it into the whole.