Joel K. Pettersson's personal site

Welcome. This site has things mostly focused around my interests more broadly, especially technical interests and what's not found in other places. Odds and ends among hobby projects and explorations for the most part.

A main hobby since 2018 and with a separate site is the saugns program and SAU "Scriptable AUdio" language, the further development of stuff I experimented with in the early 2010s. Before that, I've worked on other hobby audio DSP coding since the mid 00s, but most of it is rough in the quality of what it did and the code for it not yet out there (but that may change in the future).


About me

Small 2022 photo

I've been interested in software programming since 2001, when I first began to experiment with it as a hobby, back in my teens. Since then, I've worked on and off on hobby projects, but don't yet have any professional (as in paid work) experience. I've also studied some undergraduate computer science and engineering, but not completed a degree; I think of returning to those studies, having been torn about it for some years.

Other interests include philosophy and psychology among other things. I've read a lot about a lot over the years, and also gone through a lot inwardly. I don't yet have much of a personal philosophical synthesis that I'm satisfied with, but such could develop over time; maybe I'll write more in that area later.

The 'K.' in my name is short for Kristoffer; while I don't use the second of my first names in real life, on the web I normally include K. to set myself apart from the several other Joel Pettersson in Sweden who can be found on the web.

On potential jobs

Some main things I've explored as hobbies include DSP (programming), and UNIX-like operating systems (as a long-time intermediate-level user). Mostly I've used the languages C and C++ for my hobby programs. It could be interesting to branch out further into scientific programming and/or systems programming.

The fanciest web-related programming I've done has been in mainly PHP and dealt with MediaWiki functionality, which I find somewhat interesting – but I have no such project to focus on at this time.

Where I am

Physically, usually in Sweden. But on the web...

You can reach me through email; at, I'm "joelkp".

Not f'd—you won't find me on Facebook.